Goran Kajfeš - Oddjob, trumpet

grammis:: Grammy Award 2016 (Sweden) ::
Best jazz album 2015 - Folk (Caprice Records)

:: Grand Prize Académie Charles Cros 2015, France ::
Album Jazzoo - Oddjob (Little Village / Harmonia Mundi)

:: Grammy Award 2014 (Sweden) ::
Album Jazzoo - Oddjob (Headspin Recordings) best album for children

:: Best album of the year 2011 :: Sunday Times, UK ::
Album Clint (ACT)

:: Grammy Award 2003 (Suède) ::
Album Oddjob (Headspin Recordings) best jazz album 2002


Following JAZZOO, winner of the Charles Cros Grand Prix de l'Académie 2015 (FR), for the Best Children's Album and the Swedish Grammy Award 2014. And following CLINT, awarded 'Best Jazz Album 2010' by The Sunday Times (UK) and also winner of the 'Nordic Music Prize 2011' for his X/Y album, Goran Kajfes, accompanied by his collegiate group ODDJOB and musicians, friends and collaborators of 20 years standing is now back in another register with their two new albums, FOLK, winner of Best Jazz Album 2015 at the 2016 Swedish Grammy Awards and last PLAYS WEATHER REPORT, a tribute to this legendary group.

The Oddjob five-piece band is a perfect example of the energy and high quality of the current Scandinavian scene. The previous nine albums were critically acclaimed by both the Swedish and the international press and were all nominated for Grammy Awards in Sweden winning the prize three times.

For Eponyme (2002), for Jazzoo, Best Children's Album in 2014, and for Folk, Best Jazz album 2015 at the 2016 Grammy Awards

Awarded four stars by Jazz Magazine (May 2016)

About Folk : The excellent Swedish jazz group Oddjob, have taken on the challenge of exploring and recording live seven compositions inspired by the album Lockrop & Vallatar (Caprice records). The latter was made up of a series of rare audio files from the agricultural world recorded by Matts Arnberg between 1948 and 1964.

By using these sounds, the group has rediscovered a form of pastoral music which had completely disappeared from the cultural heritage including ambiance and noises from the countryside featuring bird song, the voices of young shepherds talking to the flock, the sound of a birchbark trumpet (forerunner of the trumpet) or the spilopipa (a wooden whistle).

The backdrop of original sounds was handpicked and woven together using contemporary writing forms and passed through Oddjob's subtle jazz filter. It is a concept and an interpretation only this musical group could depict in such an original and creative fashion. The music is powerful, moving with a striking precision but also playful and contemporary.

The group says it is the best music they have recorded to date.







“Everyone agreed and was knocked out by Goran Kajfes on the trumpet. His playing brings together elements that are rare to find in the same musician. He is powerful, even agressive, yet always very melodic . At the end of the concert, he showed just how magnificently he could play the blues. A real revelation!“ Jean-François 
- Jazz Magazine


“It's so beautiful, it makes you want to cry. A must-have among contemporary jazz albums and one which in the not too distant future will become a jazz classic.

jazzmagazine 4etoiles
"... Straightaway seduced by the style of this Swedish five-piece band who harmoniously mix acoustic and electric sounds in their winning compositions featuring excellent soloists. Fascinated by the totally unconventional rhythms and melodies, they use folklore as an original source of inspiration for the compositions which follow atypical, inspiring outlines... A huge success." Pascal Rozat – Jazz Magazine 
4 étoiles ****



citizen jazz 2017
"The success of the disc resides in the phase closer to us on the chronological frieze: rewriting. The transfiguration of these pastoral themes sounds as if they had been written in the present. Oddjob is simply endowed with a particular talent: knowledge to transmit." Citizen Jazz – Anne Yven