Goran Kajfeš - Jazzoo (Oddjob)

Animated cartoon-concert show

:: French Grand Prize Académie Charles Cros 2015 ::Charles Cros Grand Prix
Best children's album.

:: ★★★★ Stars of Classica :: October 2015

grammis:: Winner of Swedish Grammy Award 2014 ::
Best c
hildren's Album of the year 2013.

teleramafr:: TTT Télérama.fr :: >>> Read article

charlescros:: Coup de Cœur de l'Académie Charles Cros ::
Children's Album, june 2015


> Official release on LITTLE VILLAGE, new Harmonia Mundi label for kids
Audio book Jazzoo : release on 19/02/15 /// CD : release on 24/02/15

Best seller of Little Village/Harmonia Mundi youth label / 4**** stars Classica / Selection best audio- book for kids Libraries of Paris (FR) 2015 / Coups de cœur french libraries 2016

Feuilleter le livret

Goran Kajfeš – Trumpet
Per "Ruskträsk" Johansson - Alto saxophone, flute, bass clarinet
Daniel Karlsson – piano, rhodes, electrical organ
Peter Forss – bass
Lars Skoglund – drums
Helene Berg - VJ (vidéo)

« JAZZOO » is the result of an impressive collaboration with British illustrator Be n Javens . Originally conceived as a musical book for children to discover music and jazz, JAZZOO is a visual jazz concert featuring a delightful cartoon aimed at young and old alike, where a groovy, incredibly bubbly jazz combo creates a dialogue with the moving images to recount the adventures and misadventures of animals.

This unique performance, which is thouroughly enjoyable for parents as well, is an interactive experience where animations of the animals are projected on a screen behind the band. It’s a playful, exciting, and imaginative journey where neither the musicians, the children, nor the animals know how it's going to end. Will the porcupine make it across the road? And will the little fish be eaten by the big shark?

As well, these miniature stories cleverly illustrate the values of friendship, sharing, equality...

The Oddjob five-piece band is a perfect example of the energy and high quality of the current Scandinavian scene. The previous 9 albums were critically acclaimed by both the Swedish and international press and were all nominated for Grammy Awards in Sweden, winning the prize three times. their eponymous album Oddjob (2002), Jazzoo (2014) which won best childrens album of the year 2013 and Folk (2016), best album of the year 2015. Their album "Clint" was named jazzalbum of the year in 2010 by the Sunday Times.

« JAZZOO » Is a show that attracts not only the youngest: the audience into the bright, dreamlike world of the music of the 70s with its sense of musical adventure and unbelievably delicious range of tones and rhythms.

Following its success, « JAZZOO 2 » with new animals is in preparation for autumn 2018, on stage and audio-book too.


« JAZZOO-PARTY » the film directed by Adam Marko-Nord on Oddjob's music was screened on december 16, 2017 in Sweden





Télérama TTT (We absolutel love this)

"This type of animated concert for young children uses music in a simple, amusing fashion without ever losing its quality and originality. An excellent, joyous introduction to jazz.


James Pearce, All About Jazz (UK)

"There are many memorable moments to be cherished on JAZZOO. Not only are there all the increasingly creative ways to recreate the sounds and movements of the different protagonists but there is also a range of complex musical textures and fine musicianship, which will no doubt be appreciated by even the most seasoned jazz listener."

Médiathèque Jean Ferrat (FR)
"Don't ignore this album. This Swedish five-piece jazz band knows how to get children's attention without losing their energy and originality. Oddjob takes animals as their inspiration to create music in their image... This is a 'must-listen to' album."


120 Gazette Bleue
La Gazette Bleue d'Action Jazz (FR)

"This project which uses music - real jazz music will blow you away. It's a gamble that pays off. I can't wait to play it for my 20-month old grandchildren and help them discover the wonderful world of jazz."


Dagens Nyheter 5/5 (SE)

"A mindblowing experience for all ages."

DIG Jazz (SE)

"Both children and parents will appreciate the rhythms."


Dagens Industri/Jan Gradvall (SE)
"Turn up the volume and indulge in one of Sweden's grooviest bands.


Expressen (SE)
"Jazzoo is to jazz what Saint-Saens's The Carnival of Animals is to classical music when it comes to teaching children about music."