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*Magic Spirit Quartet-A sublime blend worthy of the great jazzmen! On Tour 21/22

*Magic Spirit Quartet-A sublime blend worthy of the great jazzmen! On Tour 21/22

Magic Spirit Quartet
*On Tour 21/22

‍A Morocco-Sweden-Denmark summit !

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Majid Bekkas (MA) / vocals, guembri, oud & electric guitar - 

Goran Kajfeš (SE) / trumpet, electric trumpet & percussion - Jesper Nordenström (SE) / piano, organ, synthesizers - Stefan Pasborg (DK) / drums, percussion & tuned gongs

‍With Magic Spirit Quartet, audacity and imagination link North Africa and Northern Europe, ancestral to ambient, desert blues and European jazz in an inspired movement that seems to capture the very spirit of 21st century jazz.


Glorious improvisation, crisp poly-rhythms, an extraordinary yet natural-seeming collision of electronic flair and spirituality - all this and more is to be found in this exciting rapprochement of the continents and the centuries.




‍Conveying a deep nostalgia - perhaps that of a lost kingdom buried in the sands of the Sahara - and a mysticism linked to its spiritual origins, traditional Gnawa music is here enriched by various influences intelligently mixed by these four accomplices. So the question is what to expect from the meeting or collision of these two worlds, the Maghreb and the Far North ?




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On tour & availabilities 2021

 > Revue de presse (FR) - (UK)

  • 29.06.21 - Available
  • 30.06.21 - Available
  • 01.07.21 - (FR) Festival du Bleu en Hiver, Boulazac
  • 02,03,04.07.21 - Available
  • 07.08.21 - Available
  • 08.08.21 - (BE) Gaume Jazz Festival
  • 09.08.21 - Available
  • 20-24.10.21 - Available
  • 25.10.21 - (DK) Malmö -tbc
  • 26.10.21 - (DK) Aalborg
  • 27.10.21 - (DK) Odense
  • 28.10.21 - (DK) Svendborg
  • 29.10.21 - (DK) Kolding
  • 30.10.21 - (DK) Copenhagen
  • 31.10.21 - (DK) Aarhus (DK) -tbc
  • 11-14.11.21 - Available
  • 27-30.11.21 - Available
  • 13-18.12.21 - Available
  • 2022 - Open

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